FutureMetrics is the leading consultancy in the wood pellet sector

FutureMetrics provides information, market analysis, operations guidance, and strategic advice to many of the world’s leading companies in the wood pellet sector.

Intelligent Analysis, Operations Guidance, and
Strategic Leadership for the Pellet Sector

FutureMetrics has a unique skill set for providing detailed independent analysis. We combine broad and deep operational expertise, powerful sector focused financial modeling skills, and thought leading market awareness.

FutureMetrics has added a new free dashboard on September 25, 2020.  South Korean REC pricing supports the demand for pellets in S. Korea.  But REC prices have fallen dramatically.  This dashboard allows the user the experiment with many inputs to see the net cash flows for a power station in South Korea.
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  • Advice on all aspects of producing, transporting, and selling pellets

  • Expert guidance and due diligence for potential investors and project developers

  • Operations optimization for pellet plants

  • Strategic analysis and market research

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Global Pellet Trade Sankey Map. 

FutureMetrics has produced an interactive map showing 2019’s international trade in wood pellets. Click on any exporting or importing country to see where their tonnes of pellets go or where they came from.


The map can be accessed for free HERE.


Japan’s Coal Power Stations. 

FutureMetrics has produced an interactive map showing all of the operating and new under construction coal fueled power stations in Japan.  There are 133 stations operating with a combined capacity of 46,270 MWs.  There are 15 new coal power plants under construction with a combined capacity of 8,190 MW.

FutureMetrics can produce a similar map for almost any country in the world.  Contact us for details.

The map can be accessed for free HERE.

FutureMetrics Research and Analysis

Major Update for 2020 Available Now

Japan Biomass Outlook:
Overview and analysis in the context of a changing power market

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FutureMetrics is a proud member of the President’s Circle of the Forest History Society

FutureMetrics works closely with the world’s leading engineering firm for power plant modifications and conversions from coal to wood pellets.

FutureMetrics Analysis


(October 19, 2020) - A white paper about the future of power generation.

A new and important white paper on the future of power generation.  The paper shows how wind, solar, and energy storage have a very long way to go if we envision a 100% fossil fuel free generation sector.  The paper offers guidance for navigating that long transition.  Click on the button above to go to the free download page.

(September 25, 2020) - Climate change will drive new pellet demand! See a video of Dr. Strauss discussing this topic.

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada’s annual conference was online this year.  The complete comprehensive presentation about global pellet markets and how climate change will impact future growth is available to view.  Click on the “Download” button to access the link to the video.

(June 26, 2020) - A short white paper on the consequences of inaction in dealing with CO2 emissions and climate change:

This “call-to-action” white paper titled “Why the Future May Not Be What It Is Supposed to Be” offers a novel perspective on how increasing concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere may lead to chaos (in a mathematical, ecological, social, and economic sense).

(May 6, 2020) - White paper: "How renewable solid fuel is an important component of the pathway to a more decarbonized future."

This white paper discusses the efficacy of using wood pellets for power generation and explains why the opponents of pellets for power use poorly crafted arguments based on faulty logic.  

(October 28, 2019) - White paper titled "Japan and South Korean Industrial Wood Pellet Markets: Insights into their ability to pay for pellets."
This short white paper provides insight into how the policies do or do not support the power producers’ ability to pay for pellet fuel under sustainable and equitable long-term offtake agreements. Click on the “download here” button above to get the white paper.
(September 3, 2019) - A New Vietnam Pellet Mill Comes Online under the Guidance of FutureMetrics
FutureMetrics is proud to announce that a project that it has guided for over two years is now producing high quality pellets. Under the guidance of FutureMetrics’ operations expert, John Swaan, a new 120,000 metric tonne per year pellet plant located in Binh Dinh province Vietnam has reached the commercial operation stage.  Click on the DOWNLOAD button to see a more complete description and many photographs of the new pellet mill.
Many more free papers are listed on the paper download page.

Interactive Dashboards 

Pellet Supply Chain Carbon Footprint 

Valuation Dashboard

Japan pellet users ability to pay for pellet fuel (HTML5).  This dashboard has many inputs for calculating the total cost of generation versus the total revenues from power sales (including feed-in-tariff sales from pellet generated power).  It also shows the expected power plant margins over the 20 year span of the feed-in-tariff.


See how a South Korean power plant can make (or lose) money under the S. Korean RPS scheme.  Experiment with many inputs to see the net of revenue minus total costs when cofiring for full firing wood pellets and using RECs to supplement (or not) cash flows. 

Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) for new build power stations and converted pulverized coal power stations.  Pellet fuel from zero (100% coal) to 100% pellets.  Carbon benefits in avoided tonnes per year of emissions.  LCOE in Dollars, Yen, and Euros. Also shows the impact of a carbon tax.

FutureMetrics’ Team Members

Dr. Strauss has been named one of the most influential leaders in the biomass sector two years in a row in 2016 and 2017 by Argus Media. William Strauss is the recipient of the 2012 International Excellence in BioEnergy Award.
John Swaan is the recipient of the 2014 International Founders Award. He is the founder of Pacific BioEnergy and producer of the first transatlantic shipment of wood pellets from North America to Europe (1998).
Annette Bossler provides detailed market intelligence on renewable energy policies around the world with a strong focus on Japan.  Annette speaks fluent Japanese. She was the 2013 recipient of the President’s Award from the Maine International Trade Center.

Hannah Campbell is FutureMetrics’ logistics specialist. Hannah brings a military background as an Air Force Academy graduate and logistics specialist as an officer in the Air Force to her work with FutureMetrics. 

Laurenz Schmidt provides rigorous analytic skills to FutureMetrics’ analyses of contemporary wood fiber conversion and densification processes.

Yoshinobu “Yoshi” Kusano provides analysis on Japanese policy and insights into the future of the Japanese markets for wood pellets.