This interactive Sankey map by FutureMetrics shows global wood pellet trade in 2022.

Click on any country in the list on the left of the map to see where that country’s pellet exports went or where their imports came from.

The width of the arrows are proportional to the total tonnage exported.

Hover the mouse pointer over the main source or endpoint arrow to see a list of each country that the source country exported to, or the countries that the importing country sourced from.  Hovering the mouse over the main arrow also shows the tonnages for each country, and the total tonnes shipped in 2022.

Hover over the path or arrow ends to see tonnage for each nation.

[The Sankey map with 2021 data can be opened HERE]

[The Sankey map with 2020 data can be opened HERE]

[The Sankey map with 2019 data can be opened HERE]

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Based on international trade data.
Map application by MapProvision
Analysis and Sankey map by FutureMetrics.